Friederike Schröder

Acting training at the "Stage School of Music, Dance and Drama", Hamburg (Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Partnering); training as respiratory teacher at the „Ilse-Middendorf-Institut", Berlin; Further education inter alia in breathing and sound (Christa Camerer), voice and movement (Roy-Hart-Theatre); teacher for voice and movement, speech training, breathology; voice and language accompaniment of theatre productions.

Focus of training
Developing connections between body and voice/speaking; loosening of joints; consciousness and flexibility of the spine/back (rotation, lateral flexion, wave, partner work); Abdominal and gluteal muscle training, diaphragm training; stretches (including pelvic floor and neck muscles); earthing/ground contact (feet, knees, pelvis); balance and voice/speaking; improvisation: playful and physical handling of the text/speaking.