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Workshop: Contemporary Views on Performance Documentation

In July 2020, the workshop "Performance/Documentation: contemporary views on performance documentation" was held at the Media Library for Dance and Theater Berlin. The workshop was part of the seminar "Contemporary Dance in a Transdisciplinary Context" of the Universität der Künste Berlin, led by choreographer Netta Weiser.

The session was facilitated in collaboration with the Media Library's team.

This workshop aimed to familiarize students with contemporary discourses and practices regarding performance art documentation. Comprised of both theoretical and creative components, the session introduced students with prominent theories and debates on the topic which derive from performance studies. The students further experimented with performative documentation practices, including a reenactment of "Crawls" (1978-), an endurance-based performance for public space by artist William Pope. L. Lastly, the students were introduced to the history and current activities of the Media Library, as well as its central role in the documentation and archiving of the contemporary performing arts scene in Berlin.

For more information about the seminar "Contemporary Dance in a Transdisciplinary Context" please visit the Studium Generale catalog or the seminar blog.


A partecipant performing the crawl