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Maya Brosch

Born in Switzerland, since 30 years based between France and Germany. Training in Paris with Etienne Decroux, Daniel Stein, Theatre du Movement, Mime Corporel, Ella Jaroscewicz, pantomime with Jacques Lecoq, neutral mask, Academie Fratellini, circus and Yves Casati, Ballett. Further education in the French contemporary dance scene at the CND Paris and Montpellier. Co-founder of the Theatre Mimobile und Theatre Corps Acteur, Paris. She undertook tours through East and West Germany, France and other countries. Member of the Circus Rigolo Switzerland. Perfomer, Dancer of the independent scene in Berlin and at the Komische Oper Berlin. Member of the artist collective "PLAY" , formerly (Murray/BroschProductions) based in Montpellier.

Currently, her repertoire consists of ten pieces, with which she tours internationally.

Pedagogical work:
Trainer for contemporary dance, physical theatre, Mime Corporel, Pantomime

Focus of training
In this class we work on the free change between disciplines, dance, gesture, physical theatre and on the preparation of the body of an actor. How can the performer create a repertoire of expressions for himself/herself to express cross-genre content? The training focuses on musicality of movement, the use of the whole body, the use of weight and lightness, space and time. We will sensitize the body to be an instrument of expression and discoverer of one's own creativity.