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About the Mime Centrum Berlin

As an open space for production, education, cooperation and for international exchange on dance and theatre, since 2011 the Mime Centrum is part of the German Centre of the International Theatre Institute (ITI). With this cooperation, the existing fields of work of the Mime Centre Berlin and the ITI have increasingly interlocked and inspired each other. Today the once separate working areas of the Mime Centre function naturally as formats, projects and areas of the International Theatre Institute Berlin. The Mime Centrum Berlin, with its focus on supporting the work of national and international freelance artists in the Berlin area, has made the International Theatre Institute a vibrant place of collaboration for artists, academics, archivists as well as students and theatre enthusiasts.

Media Library for Dance and Theatre

To collect and to make available audiovisual documents of the performing arts in the media library of the Mime Centrum is one of its most important and continuous areas of activity. The available media can be researched online on the search portal of the Media Library. All media can be watched in the premises of the media library.

In its video studio, the Mime Centrum realizes its own video productions as a medium of reference and analysis for movement in dance and theatre. The recording of selected performances is therefore a practical field of work of the media library. The digitalisation and digital preservation of the collected and self-produced audiovisual media is an essential field of activity.

Studio 2

An important work area is the STUDIO 2, a 160 sqm work, rehearsal and workshop area. In the studio the daily movement training takes place in the morning as well as different laboratory work formats in the evening hours.

In the periods between the training and the evening formats, the STUDIO 2 is available to actors from the professional dance and theatre sector, preferably for their own rehearsal processes and - especially on weekends - for workshops. Free slots can be requested on an online calendar.

Projects and Cooperation

Especially work in the field of international projects could be intensified due to the cooperation of the Mime Centrum and the International Theatre Institute. The Mime Centrum is currently involved in different formats of national and international exchange, namely most recently in the long-term cooperation project PASSAGE 23°E. Theater und Theatralität vom Baltikum bis zur Ägäis, supported by the Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung, as well as a project for the digitalisation and presentation of audiovisual documents of the founding period of the Tanzfabrik Berlin (Whodidwhattowhomwasneverreallyclear), supported by the Digitalisierungsprogramm Berlin digiS.

The Mime Centrum cooperates in various networks and alliances in the field of archiving and regarding the accessibility of objects on dance and theatre in order to be able to act strongly both locally and nationally in cultural policy for the protection and preservation of the cultural heritage of the performing arts.

The Mime Centrum is a member of the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland, the Verbund Deutscher Tanzarchive as well as part of the working group for an Archiv des Freien Theaters. It is a co-initiator of the Runder Tisch Berliner Theaterarchive and a member of the ztb, Zeitgenössischer Tanz Berlin e.V. network.