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Physical Theatre – The Memory of the Mime

As a focus of the former mime centrum berlin as a work and information centre for movement theatre, the project line of employment, research and teaching of methods and techniques of body language expression in theatre has also proved its worth in the new working contexts at the International Theatre Institute.

A regular format is the cooperation with the Platform for German-French Art in Lyon and the MIMOS festival in Perigueux, made possible by the Deutsch-Französisches Jugendwerk. For both locations - Berlin and Perigueux - special workshop formats of cooperation between lecturers and participants from both countries have been developed.

The workshop in Perigueux has its own particular context of the latest artistic productions invited to the festival and their reflection.

The programme of the Berlin workshop places three central European sources of theatrical body language work in a context in which they can be experienced directly and practically: Meyerhold's theatrical biomechanics, the Mime Corporel Dramatique developed by Etienne Decroux and the classical pantomime of Marcel Marceau.

The different methodological approaches are explained by the the trainer Anke Gerber, Tony De Maeyer, Lionel Menárd and Oliver Pollak. The daily practical work is connected with a detailed research and a video screening in the media library and concludes with a public exhibition.

Information about the workshop programme is regularly updated on this page and on our Facebook page. An overview of the workshops held so far can be found on the website of the Platform for German-French Art.


Videoabend 2016
Video screening 2016