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Round Table Theatre Archives in Berlin

The long-standing cooperation between Erhard Ertel (formerly Institute for Theatre Studies at the HU/FU Berlin) and the mime centrum in the field of audiovisual documentation of theatre increasingly raised the question as to which working practice and archive holdings concerning audiovisual documentation of theatre exist at Berlin theatres.

Together with Stephan Dörschel of the Archiv Darstellende Kunst of the Akademie der Künste, the context of the question of the existence, condition and accessibility of the theatre archives in Berlin as a whole was broadened. This initiative led to the establishment of the Round Table of the Berlin Theatre Archives in May 2011 as an initial internal forum for understanding and exchange between nine Berlin theatres, which was successively followed by the participation of other institutions such as the Landesarchiv Berlin and the Stiftung Stadtmuseum, as well as other institutions and persons who have made an effort to document their work. The Round Table is currently coordinated by Thilo Wittenbecher (International Theatre Institute), Stephan Dörschel (AdK), Karl Sand (Deutsches Theater) and Peter Jammerthal (Institute for Theatre Studies of the Freie Universität Berlin).