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The studio2 can be used for rehearsals and workshops. Please contact us via e-mail to:

Studio2 - the Rehearsal Studio

A 165 sqm bright room, the STUDIO2 is a space for working, rehearsals and workshops, an area for different formats of practical work and the examination of dance and theatre practises. The room is open for different formats from the field of dance and theatre. The studio invites performers to deal with different ways of working and representing movement in the performing arts and to trace the fundamentals of the actor's physical presence in depth.

STUDIO2 is also the room of the daily public movement training which started 15 years ago at the former mime centrum berlin. The daily routine, designed as a qualifying training for performers of all genres, is led by instructors coming from different fields of the movement based theatre.

Evening courses and laboratories, which regularily take place in the studio, pose the opportunity for a concentrated long-term examination of different topics and methodological approaches of movement in dance and theatre, for research and communication.

In addition to these two working formats, the studio holds a wide range of possibilities for individual and group work in rehearsals, workshops, research processes, continuing education and collaborative work.
Although the studio offers good working conditions for smaller public formats such as showings, previews or lectures, STUDIO2 is not open for guest performances.


Renting the STUDIO2

Please send your request for using the studio via E-Mail to or call 030 / 611076520.

Usually, the studio is booked on weekdays from 9.30 to 11.00 am for the daily movement training and after 6.00 pm for regular evening courses and laboratories.
Please check the online schedule for dates available.


Equipment of the STUDIO2

The bright studio is 165 sqm (11 x 15 m / 4.40 m high) in size and offers a wide range of possibilities for individual and group work. Although in principple open to all genres of the performing arts, the studio is less suitable for ballet rehearsals because it has neither mirrors nor bars, and it is neither equipped with a classical swinging floor nor with a dance carpet.

A sound system and a piano are available for use in the studio.

The studio has a seperate wardrobe and two toilets.

Simple lighting equipment will be provided on request.